Hyundai Lawnmower Buying Guide That Is A Cut Above the Rest!

Hyundai Lawnmower Buying Guide That Is A Cut Above the Rest!

Posted by Hyundai Power Products Direct on 19th Feb 2020

It might not feel like it yet but spring is just around the corner. The nights are starting to draw out and before long it is going to be time to head out to the shed to dust off the old lawn mower ready for that first cut of the year.

Chances are it has been awhile since you’ve even thought about the lawnmower and perhaps, like others, you’ve been putting off spending money on a much needed new mower.

The thought of struggling to get the lawnmower started and pulling your hair out to the amusement of the neighbours will soon be a thing of the past with this helpful guide. We'll take you through a step-by-step guide highlighting the benefits of the different types of lawnmowers on the market and what the best choice is for you based on your lawn size and budget.

With so many brands, competitors and different types of lawn mowers on the market it can be a daunting task to decide on the best fit for your gardening needs.

There are so many features and different types available, from petrol, corded electric and battery, and it can be hard to know which you will need. By the end of this buying guide we will have highlighted the features and benefits of the different types of mowers on the market and leave you feeling confident you will make the right decision with your new lawn mower purchase based on your budget.


The first thing to consider is the size of the lawn. As a general rule, a small domestic lawn will mainly be suited to smaller petrol lawnmowers, corded or battery operated lawnmowers.

Very lightweight and manoeuvrable these units make light work of the smaller lawns with minimal fuss. When it comes to the corded mower just ensure you have ample power outlets to ensure you can cover the entire lawn. Consider looking for a cutting size of 38-43cm cut from your mower to handle this type of lawn.

The medium sized lawn (tennis court size) will again lend themselves well to the small to medium sized petrol or battery operated range. As a guide, look for a cutting size of between 43-46cm.

For larger areas we would advise looking at Petrol lawnmowers ideally with a self propelled feature and a large collection capacity - this will help keep downtime to a minimum and have your lawn looking a cut above the rest in no time. Consider cutting sizes of 46cm - 51cm for this type of area.

It’s also worth thinking about the space you have to play with around your property. if you have to manoeuvre your lawnmower through garden gates, up paths, or if you have different levels of garden just be mindful of the weight and the width of your unit.


Like any garden machinery product, there are so many non-branded options showing up each year mainly on sites like eBay and Amazon. It can be easy to just grab the cheapest option and think you're running away with a bargain.

The truth is, while they do look the part and seem to have all the features you need, I would always stay well clear of these. They are often cheaper for a reason, built to a poor quality with cheap components and often with very minimal, if any, warranty and back up, parts and aftersales support.

If you are looking at making your lawnmower purchase we recommend going to a brand you recognise, speak to your local garden machinery expert and read the reviews to put your mind at ease. The team at Hyundai Power Products is available Monday-Friday on 01646 687880 should you need any further information across their range.



Corded electric lawn mowers have been a constant figure in the garden machinery market for some time now and remain ever popular .

Lightweight, easily maneuverable and coming with minimal fuss, in honesty not a lot to go wrong, they are the perfect unit when it comes to smaller lawns and just getting the job done quickly and effectively.

Corded lawn mowers are the easy decision when it comes to the everyday small domestic lawn. Most of the larger DIY stores have a range of these priced anywhere from £100-£150. The main players in the corded market are Flymo, Bosch, and Honda while in 2020 Hyundai Power Equipment will bring their own HYM3200E and HYM3800E models to the (UK) priced at £69.99 and £119.99.

PROS: Lighter than other types of mower. Relatively inexpensive and not an awful lot can go wrong with these.

CONS: You’ll be limited by the length of the power cable and may need to use an extension lead to reach the bottom of your lawn.

Always use a residual current device (RCD) and be careful to keep moving the cable out of the way as you mow as it’s very easy to cut through it.

Browse our range of corded electric garden machinery


In recent years there has been a significant rise in the battery powered garden machinery range available in the UK.

Providing a safe, clean and green alternative to petrol and electric powered garden machinery. Many major brands are now switching their focus to this type of machinery for the safety, clean and green benefits it brings with it .

Often with these units there is a lot less to go wrong as regards to components while also requiring minimal servicing time. We would also advise consulting your garden machinery specialist and referring to your user manual to ensure you are staying on top of anything service related to your machine.

Brands such as Hyundai Power Products have really put their own stamp in this market place with their interchangeable battery operated machinery. Hyundai’s range for the 2020 season not only includes their cordless lawnmower range but also chainsaws, hedge trimmers, grass trimmer and a leaf blower giving you everything you need to keep your garden looking a cut above the rest.

The ability to interchange the battery between products is a fantastic feature for me, enabling you to get a complete range of products at a competitive price. See the full Hyundai range here:

The cordless range lends itself really well to the smaller domestic to medium sized lawns. Average prices for this type of lawn mower range between £300-£500 depending on the brand, size of cut and the features on the lawn mower.

They are very lightweight manoeuvrable which will help when handing out those weekend chores to all the family .

Very easy to start and also comes with minimal fuss or mess if you compare to a petrol powered machine. They are very quiet machines which will not annoy the neighbours when you get those weekend chores done. Also because of the weight any slopes, inclines or banked areas are very manageable.

We would recommend talking to the manufacturer before purchase as most battery operated machines will have a certain run time, normally between 30-45 minutes. Depending on your size of lawn will determine if this type machine is suitable for you.

If you have a small to medium size lawn we think this is the perfect unit, anything bigger and you will struggle or possibly have to purchase a spare battery, this can be quite expensive sometimes costing upwards of £150 for a spare battery and charger. That said If your lawn normally takes between 30-45 minutes then the cordless range could be for you.

PROS: Lightweight, very quiet, easy to manoeuvre and interchangeable with other garden machinery. Minimal fuss and easy to maintain.

CONS: The battery life on one charge limits this type of machinery to small to medium sized lawns. Anything outside of this and we feel you won’t really feel the benefit of this type of range.

See our range of cordless garden machinery


Petrol lawnmowers lend themselves well to the small, medium and larger size lawns.

If you're looking at purchasing a petrol lawnmower you should look to pay anywhere between £150-£500 depending on the size of cut and the features of the model you have chosen.

The petrol lawnmower is perfect if you like to have a hands on experience and feel the power and control over a larger, more demanding area or terrain.

The main benefit of the petrol lawnmower is that it can effectively go anywhere, you are not restricted by cord lengths or a battery life. As long as you have fuel and oil, a petrol lawnmower will work for as long as you want it too.

Often built to be a little more robust than mowers designed for smaller lawns the petrol mower will normally have more powerful engines and a more durable deck to take care of the toughest of lawns and make easy work of it along the way.

Petrol rotary lawnmowers are possibly the most popular in the UK. They are generally the most cost effective of the petrol range.

Hyundai Power Products UK has developed a growing range of petrol lawnmowers that lend themselves to many different types of lawns. Across the range Hyundai have various cutting sizes, features and benefits that will suit absolutely every lawn and user from the smaller domestic petrol mower such as the HYM400P to their HYM530SPE versions designed for larger lawns and more demanding areas .

If you would like to discuss any of your lawn mower needs or speak to our sales team they will be more than happy to spec the correct lawnmower for your needs and budget.

PROS: They’re not limited by a power cable, so can be used anywhere. Many offer the ability to mulch the clippings.

CONS: Can be difficult to start; a push-button or key start is usually easiest. Some produce smelly fumes and are noisy to use.

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To stripe or not to stripe? That is the question. A rear roller mower gives your lawn that striped effect, perfect if you are looking for that controlled and defined finish to your lawn.

Deciding on a rear roller mower will often come down to personal preference. This style is not important for all but if you are looking for that perfect well kept striped look then the roller is for you.

Roller mowers naturally will be a heavier bulkier unit so it is more equipped to deal with medium to large sized lawns.

Hyundai Power Products has launched their own range of roller mowers to the UK market with their HYM60LI420 cordless battery operated lawn mower and their petrol versions the HYM430SPR, HYM460SPR, HYM480SPR and the HYM530SPER. With such a range of cutting sizes and added features, Hyundai has roller lawn mowers to cater for all users and all lawn sizes.

PROS: The roller mower gives your lawn mower the perfect stripped effect lawn that will make all the neighbours envious.

Often coming with superb features such as self propelled and push button start it’s never been easier and convenient to use a roller mower

CONS: Often bulky and quite heavy these units only suit the medium to large sized lawn.


In recent years, there has been a significant shift in the different types of garden machinery hitting the UK market.

The robot mower looks like being one of those new to the market that will really be ground-breaking and put a huge stamp on the way we look after our lawns in years to come.

Let’s start off by saying these are not cheap. In today’s market you can expect to pay anywhere from £600 into the thousands. That said, as more and more major brands start to develop their own robot mower and the marketplace begins to get a little more competitive, these prices will come down, which in turn will increase the popularity of this type of mower.

As a nation we have become a lot busier with our lifestyles, balancing working life, family life and keeping up with those jobs around the home can sometimes be tough.

This is where the robot mower Interest will grow for me. Once these units are programmed to your lawn and cutting area there really isn’t much interaction needed when it comes to maintenance or cutting settings. The robot mower will set off and cut the desired area and return to the garage or shed automatically for charging or once the task has been completed .

Hyundai Power Products currently has a model in testing and we will update you once we have a launch date and specification.

PROS: Once programmed end user interaction is very minimal leaving you time to enjoy your free time. Very lightweight and easy to store.

CONS: As they are fairly fresh and new to the market prices are quite high.

Setting the units up can be a little tricky at first and can take some getting used to before you get the desired cut.

As they are very popular and sought after it's perhaps a little risky to leave it out at work when you are not on site. There have been cases of these units being stolen.


With so many competitors on the market all fighting for sales and promoting their range in various ways it’s sometimes difficult to know what features you really need from your lawnmower. With this in mind we have broken down some of the jargon and highlighted what we feel you’ll need from your mower. Get this right and you’ll have a mower that will look after you time and time again .

ELECTRIC START: Many of today’s lawn mowers now come with the convenience of a key or electric push button start. Not necessarily needed by everyone granted but the electric start option brings convenience and makes starting your lawnmower effortless, you also have the recoil option as standby in a case of there being a flat battery.

Hyundai Power Equipment has a number of push button start models across their range starting with the HYM430SPE model ideally suited to medium size lawns, through to the HYM530SPE. They also do have two roller mowers in the range also equipment with the electric push button start, these are the HYM480SPER and the HYM530SPER.

Let us break down the Hyundai product codes for you. This will help you when looking across the range when making your lawnmower decision :

HY = Hyundai

430 (as an example)= The cutting width

SP = Self Propelled

E = Electric Start

R = Roller

SELF PROPELLED LAWNMOWER: Self propelled lawn mowers work on a drive system that requires the operator to engage another bar on the handle. Once this is engaged the lawnmower will self drive at walking speed taking the pressure off the end user. Perfect for those larger lawns, tough terrain or inclines.

CUTTING HEIGHTS: Cutting heights is a real key feature for a controlled cut and keeping on top of your lawn. Most of the Hyundai Range have a cutting adjustment height of between 25-75mm meaning they’ve got you covered from that first cut of the year right the way down to keeping your lawn looking perfect.

Controlled by a lever on the rear wheel this prevents any down time and means you have full operating control with minimal fuss over your new lawn mower.

CUTTING WIDTH: Cutting width again is very important but will come down to the size of your lawn. Most domestic size lawns will cope with 38cm-43cm cutting width while medium to large size you can look at anything from 43-51cm.

Naturally the greater cutting width you have theoretically the less up and down time you will have during your cutting time. However do think about if you have water features, borders or plants that may cause an issue, you may need a slightly smaller model of this is the case.

VARIABLE SPEED: if your lawn is set over different levels, or perhaps incline and tough terrain, then a variable speed option such as the HYM510SPE could be an option. This will enable you to control the speed of your lawnmower to match the layout of your lawn.

LAWNMOWER DECK: Your lawn mower deck is an important feature to think about when it comes to making your lawn mower purchase. As a general rule most lawn mower decks are made of plastic, steel or aluminium.

For the most part smaller more domestic lawnmowers can get away with a plastic deck, just be sure that rocks and other such objects are cleared as this type of damage can be the end of the deck should you hit something.

If you cover a larger area a steel deck is a better option, you will naturally get stone chips but the steel will be much more durable over tougher terrains and will last you a lot longer because of its build quality.

GRASS BOX: The grass box is used to collect cuttings from your lawn. These are normally measured in litres and will come down to the size of the lawnmower you purchase.

On average the grass box normally ranges between 45-50 litres but as you start to increase lawnmower engine size so will the grass collector.

If you are covering a larger area you are going to need a grass collector that can handle the job, keep down time to a minimum and also ensure you get the job done as quickly neatly and effectively as possible.

MULCHING & SIDE DISCHARGE: Mulching in simplistic terms is the ability for your lawn mower to mulch your cuttings as you cut your lawn. This can really be a time saving exercise and prevent you having to take up the lawn clippings at the end of the job.

The clippings are cut into fine pieces that fall easily to the soil surface. From here they are broken down by soil microorganisms, which release nutrients from the mulched plant material back into the soil.

With Hyundai lawnmowers there is a choice of grass discharge options (side, rear or collect), it comes with a quick-release grass collector as standard, so you spend more time mowing, less emptying! There’s even a level indicator to tell you when it’s filling up.

FOLDING ADJUSTABLE HANDLES: The ability to adjust your handle settings is a key feature when it comes to your lawn mower purchase. This will allow you a level of comfort while you use the lawnmower, meaning other family members can also help with those weekend chores and also help when it comes to safe and effective storage.

DECK WASH: After use, the lawnmower deck can be cleaned underneath by running the machine with the garden hose connected to the quick release deck cleaning connector.

A deck wash is a fast and effective way for you to carry out a little maintenance after each cut. Cleaning off your mower should become the last action before storing the mower away again until the next cut, not only will this keep those paths garages and the deck clean you will also be going some way to maintaining a healthy lawn mower for years to come. Connecting the water inlet to your hose will prove to be a great little feature every mower should have.

We hope you have found this guide helpful and this has made your lawn mower purchase a little less stressful. If you do have any questions regarding your lawnmower purchase you can call the Hyundai Power Equipment sales team on 01646 687880, they will be happy to answer any questions you may have.