Hyundai 139cc Petrol Engine Air Filter Compatible With HYM430SP, HYM460SP, HYM460SPE, P4600SP and P4600SPE Petrol Lawn Mowers | 1145203

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Hyundai Replacement Paper Filter Element for Petrol Mowers

This Replacement Paper Air Filter Element is suitable for use with the HYM480SPER, HYM480SPR, HYM460SPE, HYM460SP, HYM430SPR, HYM430SP, HYM430SPE and HYM430SPER Hyundai Petrol Lawn Mowers.

Air filters on a petrol lawn mower prevent any dust and other particles from entering your engine.

You should aim to replace this filter approximately every 3 months (depending on use), or whenever it is excessively dirty, for lawn mower longevity.


Compatible HYM430SP, HYM460SP, HYM460SPE, P4600SP and P4600SPE
Model Number 1145203

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